First Day in Galway. From Maria Pascual. 4/07/2016

First day in Galway

Early in the morning we were confused. After a short night we woke up, we dressed up quickly and we went out to the school. Do we know the right way? Yes, of course.

  • To the right!
  • No, to the left!
  • Follow the river!

Well, we got a map but we couldn’t find the way because our apartments were not on that map. Finally, after having asked some people, being lost under the rain and walking around the town we saw a beautiful traditional building… Oh! Surprise: it was our school. Saved!

At Galway Language School we have been divided in two heterogeneous groups. We hadn’t had breakfast yet and when Patrick, the boss, appeared in the classroom and offered us some free coffee (only because it was the first day), we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. So, saved again!

Teachers are very friendly and classes are quite amazing and practical. In the afternoon we have gone all together (thirteen people!) to the supermarket. Really funny. Watch the video!


Here comes the sun! Wait, we’ll be back in a moment!

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